'Journey through Europe'

The pack is made up of 10 lessons and ideas for actions projects, giving students the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will encourage active citizenship at the European level.

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Introduction to the Pack

Class 1:
What does it mean to be Irish?

Class 2:
Characteristics of EU Member States

Class 3:
Documents needed for travelling within the EU

Class 4:
History of the EU

Class 5:
The Euro

Class 6:
Making Decisions in the EU

Class 7:
Communications Company

Class 8:
Local, National and European Issues

Class 9:
Accessing Europe

Class 10:
What does it mean to be European?


Task Cards


This exciting newly updated resource was developed by the CSPE Support Service in Ireland in partnership with the European Studies Programme, with the support of the European Commission Representation in Ireland.